Is psb alpha intro match w/ sony str-de685

I have a/v rec sony 685 for one year, and plug into philips speaker. And now I want to buy HT speaker w/ a low budget. Is psb alpha intro match w/ my sony str-de685?
I have not heard that speaker, but psb speakers have traditionally provided high value.
I agree the psb's are nice speakers for the money, I had a pair of Alpha Mini's that worked well with an inexpensive Denon receiver.

For just a little more money there are a lot of used options that would sound better. I've bought both B&W 303's (two pair) and Ruark Epilogues for between $200 and $300 and they're both substantially better sounding than the Alphas I had.

In the same general price range as the psb's you might want to check out the Athena speaker line. They've gotten great reviews and are now carried by Best Buy at amazingly low prices.

I'm not trying to talk you out of the psb's, I think they're excellent, but listening to different gear is part of the fun and the speaker choice has the most potential to determine the overall sound of an inexpensive system, in my experience.