Is PS Audio's Digital Link III out of date?

I am in need of a new DAC and was thinking about getting a PS Audio Digital Link III, with the Cullen Circuits Stage III modifications. But, I keep wondering if the DLIII, even modded, is getting a bit long in the tooth, if I'd be wiser going with something newer, more up-to-date. System: Apple Lossless on Mac Mini, McCormack TLC-1 (modded by SMC Audio), DNA-0.5 monoblocks (also modded by SMC), Celestion SL-700s, Kimber cable and speaker wire.)
With the current prices on the Cullen-Ps Audio units, I'm thinking they are offering a real bargain. Am I foolish to worry about the age of the design of these units?
Any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
-- Howard
Wow. What a question. I love my stock DLIII but I have asked the same question. It has a beautiful analog sound. Not hyper-detailed like some DACs. More like my LPs. Very pleasant to listen to and affordable at $700 and used the Cullens are a bit more. Still, I wonder about the new Sabre based DACs. I am not sure that the chip is as important as the output device in determining the "sound". It is said that Cullen mods improve the DLIII but then he starts fresh and develops the W4S DACs. I anxiously await others opinions. Thanks for the question.
Have one in my second system, very good for the money - recently got my hands on an Audio Note 1.1 MK2 DAC - more money, yes but far more musically engaging, draws you into the music - doesn't upsample in any manner like most others - hadn't heard it before I purchased it,but no disappointments whatsoever