is prima luna prologue 2 match with 1sc?

Now i use solid intregate amp krell 400xi with accuphase dp65 CD and proac 1sc. The sound is genarally good. I'm never owned tube amp but want to try it. I read from the review that prima luna prologue 2 is a good tube amp with reasonable price,especially, for tube beginner. I know that 1sc is well matched with quality tube amp. .Anyone used to try prologue 2 and 1sc and what about the sound. My preference music is vocal pop, jazz. Thank u.
I own three different ProAcs and I definitely like them best with tubes in the chain. I'm really enjoying my Response 2.5s with a Bel Canto SET40 right now.

I've never heard the Primalunas, but I could definitely see myself owning one. They're fairly new amps, so I don't know of anyone using them with ProAcs, but it would seem like a good bet.

Good luck!
I can't see this being a bad match ,depending on room size.The Prologue II has a return policy.Definitely play with PCs and related tweaks.
You'll like the Primaluna 2. I'm using one with a pair of Cary Silver Oak 1's. Plenty of power. Remember that the amp/tubes will need some time to "burn in" before it will sound best....
very nice match, I had mine in the bedroom setup, could also suggest a pr. of castle conway iii's, a little more range and very very good. the proacs are addictive though, put the best source possible, cd or vinyl in front of it, i got a naim stack w/cds3 and when feeding the prima i've always enjoyed it.

Thank u for all response.
Regis I also listenning in my bedroom, u make me feel more confident about matching.
Now i use accuphase CD, i like it. However i also interest about LP. My next question is What about quality of phono stage option of PL2?.
Pick up the Dynavector P-75 for your phono.Mates wonderfully with the PLII.