Is Pretty Good Good Enough? Listening Habits In The World Of Streaming Services.

I'm a recent subscriber to Tidal and Amazon Unlimited.  The sound quality of the cd quality music is surprisingly good.  I find myself listening to more music because of it.

I've also found myself in a situation when I come across a very familiar recording that I find it missing some of the inner details of the recording that I'm very familiar with....overall, the recording is good, but I noticed the missing elements.  Though I found it not as good as it sounds on my cd player, it was good enough that I didn't stop the song and went and got my cd and played it.  In other words, I settled for pretty good.  Interestingly, as I moved up the chain in the world of audio, it was always in pursuit of better equipment to extract better sound from the recording.  I was always looking for better than 'good enough'.  Well, 'good enough' has gotten a lot better than it used to be...and much more convenient.

Sadly, my critical listening time with my cd player and turntable is a lot less these days because of the streaming services.  I've just started to fiddle around with burning wav files of my cd's to a hard drive to make copies of those recordings where nothing but the original file will do. 

How have your listening habits changed since the higher resolution services have arrived?


when i'm working, driving, or in "discovery mode" the streaming services are amazing. i love them, use bandcamp and qobuz daily, spotify every week or two when friends send links. it's so much fun. 

but if i'm "deep listening" (not doing anything but listening, focusing, and enjoying the music) or in a mixing mood, i 100% prefer putting records on. i like cds and cassettes too, but to me, a nice vinyl setup is still where it's at. to me

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Sorry, but my streaming rig has more inner detail and sense so space than my vinyl rig. About same relative investment. Both are enjoyable.

I get a lot of enjoyment from my stereo other than listening.  I love the look of it.  I love the beauty of P8 turntable.  I enjoy handling the cover of an LP, the artwork and liner notes.  I enjoy the process of selecting a record (or CD), removing the dust cover, mounting it on the turntable.  The "process" of getting ready to listen.  I doubt I'm the only one.  I have always preferred to own things.  I like to take care of my music collection and have a sense of pride that LP's I have played for 40+ years are still in great condition.  Streaming would just diminish so much of the enjoyment I derive from my stereo.   Just saying......

As far as vinyl is concerned, it’s strictly mono for me because I collect vinyl from that era. It sounds very good and I am not bothered by the limitations. Where digital is concerned, I very much prefer my local music collection to Qobuz or Tidal. Streaming services are fun and convenient  but to me, they don’t sound as full or as rich. I do occasionally stream WDR 3 whenever I miss Cologne but of course, it sounds just like MP3 should. The important thing is being true to self.