Is power cord upgrade worthwhile on Lenco L75

Is power cord upgrade worthwhile on Lenco L75. I would have to have an IEC outlet installed on the TT so cannot simply try it myself. I have found in my system that a power cord upgrade is an improvement so I expect would be one here too. I played around with power cords on my other TT Townshend Rock 7 that is belt drive with external motor and somehow different power cords did affect the sound.

So Lenco people....what have been your experiences?


Not really
There are many other areas you can tweak on a Lenco that will give you better results for your money imo
I have tried a few cords on my Thorens TD124 and found that even with a better ( upgraded cord ),you loose something with the extra connection using an IEC requires..I also have found going Hardwired with a better quality cord ( same gauge ),not thicker than Stock, about 18 Gauge ( thus elimnating IEC )is much more transparent and musical..At least in my set up...
I agree with Thorman. I have always felt that a good quality hard-wired cord is to be preferred over a megabuck power cord that is connected via IEC. In my unit, I use XLO power cord, available by the foot from M Percy; it's hard-wired.

A motor controller designed for the Lenco motor is a much better way to spend your bucks. There are none made that suit the Lenco except possibly those dedicated to Garrard. Both Garrard 301/401 and Lenco L75 used induction type motors. Hence I make the inference that a motor controller that works with one would work with the other. Popular conventional motor controllers are made for AC synchronous motors and in my experience do not enhance the Lenco at all. I have been tempted to try a Loricraft motor controller, made for Garrard 301/401 (and their own 501, I think).
Keep the stock cord and spend the extra $$ on a worthwhile upgrade or better yet, buy more vinyl.
Thanks for the advice about not adding an IEC.

One other question: there is a guy Mirko who does quality Lenco upgrades who has an upgraded platter. anyone try replacing the platter?

Did not know Mirko has made a Lenco L75 replacement platter. Have you got a URL? I would like to see that myself. I do not use his idler wheel or bearing, but he does seem to do quality work. I use the "Jeremy" "super"bearing, made by Jeremy Clark in England. It's quite nice.

I don't think Mirko has a website. I reach him by phone or email.

My table with the Origin Live Illustrious carbon tonearm and synergistic phono cable sounds great. The titanium bearing upgrade helped so am curious about other tweaks to get the table better still. I will probably have Mirko demo the platter for me. I hope its the same thickness otherwise I will have to fuss with the tonearm VTA.

I think you can find Mirko's platter on ebay, as well as his other items.

Mirko sells most of his stuff on eBay. His user-name is "SQ38"..... must be a Luxman fan. :)

Here is his seller catalog:

Lenco platter & bearing

Platter ony

Found photos of the platter on eBay. It is beautifully machined and weighs many times more than the stock Lenco platter. I just wonder whether it would be wise to use it with the stock idler wheel, because the higher mass will place unusual demands on the idler wheel at start-up and to maintain stable speed. I would get Mirko's idler wheel and arm if I were to get the platter. Unfortunately, the package deal for that is $1000 and the platter alone is $850. The cost is understandable but also equal to 3 times what I paid for my Lenco. Of course, after spending that much, I would be convinced that it made a "huge improvement" in the sound of my table, whether it did or not.
Sorry. It is the bearing and platter that are sold as a package for $1000, not platter plus titanium idler wheel and arm, and Mirko suggests not to use the platter with the stock bearing, due to the added mass of his platter. This makes perfect sense, but I also would go with the titanium idler and arm, if I were to buy the platter. So, in my case, with a PTP, a slate plinth, a Jeremy Clark bearing, a Mirko platter and idler wheel, plus a Dynavector tonearm, the only thing "Lenco" about my idler would be its motor. I think I will keep the Lenco platter and idler for now.
FWIW- My JN Lenco L75 has an IEC outlet installed on it allowing me to choose my power cord.