is Plinius Sa102 "enough" for SF Amati ?

is Plinius Sa102 "enough" for SF Amati ?
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I suspect it is more than enough. I used the Sa 100 mk3 on my demanding load and was astonished with the power. It acted more like a 250/ch amplifier. From what I have read, getting a high current power cord like the Top Gun HFCI is important.
The 102 has an even more muscular sound than the 100. I agree it is more than enough, depending of course on the size of the listening room.
I doubt it, unless you are listening only at low levels. The SFs work best with very 'muscular' amplifiers even though their sensitivity ratings may not indicate it. Otherwise they may likely sound dull and lifeless. I agree about a proper power cord, although the HCFi has been superseded.

I moved from a 200W amp to the SA102 and felt it was more powerful and had a greater grip on the speakers. I would not fall for the power rating.
Brian now I am confused, Holzhauer & REdkiwi states that Plinius is more than enough. Using it with Cremona is effortless, do you think Amati is a much heavier load ?
How 'bout some pics of your setup? Would love to see it.
Kops, if you found it to work with the Cremonas it's worth a try with the Amatis. You may want to try the speakers with more powerful amplification to be sure, though.
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