Is parts Connexion still in business???

Have sent numerous e-mails to Parts Connexion about upgrading Sonic Frontier equipment, have not received any response.
Does anyone know if they are still in business?
I just spoke to Chris the other day on the phone. He has my cd player. SO I certainly hope so! Call, I think they are very, very busy and he just doesn't get time to respond to all the email. He needs to know you are a serious potential buyer.

Hi there,
Yes they are still in business. Did you send your email directly to Chris Johnson or to service department? I had the same issue about a year ago, I was sending to service and not directly to him. Chris did respond about 10 days later. He gets lots of mail and travels so at times it can take awhile for him to get back to you.
If it helps here is his direct email address:

Good luck!
I just got an e-mail from them about their deals for Dec.
Tele #1866=681-9602

Yes, they are but they will be closing for Christmas holidays from Dec 23 to Jan 03.
I had my Phono 1 upgraded to an SE+ about six weeks ago. I always used the email address that is shown on their website,

Looking through my computer's files, however, I also show a different email address for some of the correspondence sent me by Chris Johnson. It is,

The Parts Connexion toll free # is: 1-866-681-9602

By the way, the upgrade was well worth the cost!

They are still sending out monthly sales brochures via email. Just got one from them day before yesterday. I'd try giving them a call.
I would call them. They are still sending Ebulletings about sales and the like. It is much faster to talk directly to Chris Johnson, who will talk to you over the line.
Your best bet is to call Chris and Vicky. They're very busy and emails may go unanswered for a few days.
Yes they are alive and well. I have a shandling being upgraded as we speak, try their toll free # 1-866-9602