Is Outlaw Audio going to make a new low cost surround sound processor?

I have been looking at Outlaw Audio low cost surround sound processors for a couple of years now, and just when I get to the point where I think I can talk my wife into letting me buy one, they don't make them anymore. Cheapest I can find a new surround sound receiver is over a thousand dollars. Surround sound processors start at about $2500 or more. Now I look for a used Outlaw model 975 used and there are none available. If this keeps up the 975 will be selling for more used than they cost new. You look for news and there is nothing at all from Outlaw or anyone else. I can not find any processor that is worth the money, unless I want to spend over $4000. I am very frustrated with Outlaw right now for stopping production of the 975, and not saying anything about new products. Basically I am venting, so feel free to ignore. Probably have to get my Aragon Stage One (does not process digital inputs anymore) refurbished.
Outlaw likely discontinued its processors because of lack of sales.  I had a 976 in my system for testing (it's like 975 but with balanced XLR outputs).  It actually performed very well for what it cost ($950 retail).  It was voiced almost exactly the same as the Marantz processors, but it was just a little light on bass (analog power supply is not the largest).  The setup menu is very cumbersome to use because it blacks out the current video source and switches (it's like the menu is a different audio/video source all together).

I have seen the 975 and 976 come up on ebay from time to time.

I would recommend trying to find a used Marantz AV770x processor (AV7702mkii / AV7703 / AV7704 / AV7705).  You can find these from $800-1200 used on ebay.  These are a lot better than the Outlaw processor.
Thanks for the info, I will look around.