Is Ortofon Rondo Bronze MC really low rider??

Just got an Ortofon Rondo Bronze Moving Coil cartridge, installed it on a SME 3009 MK2 Non Improved. Sounds great, tracks great, all other setup parameters pretty spot on, lateral and vertical resonant freg are 9hz and 11hz. The thing is that it rides extremely low, with just literally a hair off the record's surface! I am tracking it at 2.1g (I know the manual suggests of 2.3g, but it ride extremely low so i back it off a bit).

I would think the Ortofon Rondo Bronze would ride low since it's a medium high compliance with heavier tracking force, but i dont expect it to ride this low!

Is this normal for Ortofon cartridges or something I should worry about???

Thanks guys :((
Get it from the horse's mouth, call Ortofon.
No, it should not run that low.

My Rondo Blue (same weight and compliance) is set at 2.3g VTF and it's a good amount above the record.
I don't recall my old Rondo Bronze riding any lower than other cartridge I've owned in the past. I would re-check the VTF. If VTF okay, than cartridge suspension may be shot.
I spent a few hours setting up that cartridge and noticed that it rode extremely low. It was too early to call Ortofon so i thought someone on here might give me a helpful advice. Anyway, I contacted the dealer - Mehran from SORAsound, sent him an email with the pictures of the setup, and got a response from Ortofon right away. Ortofon said that the cartridge is faulty and they will ship out a replacement the minute they get this one back. All is good! If the replacement works correctly, the Ortofon Rondo Bronze is a keeper!

Thanks so much to Merahn of SORAsound for first class customer service! None can do better than him!