Is Ortofon "Salsa MC better than Dynavector 10X5?

I have a Rega P3-24 with a Dynavector 10X5 high outout MC which has about 150 hours on it.I think the MC has lost some of its sound quality. I don't want to retip the Dynavector at a cost of $365, so am considering the Ortofon "Salsa" (Red) low output coil which I can buy on sale for $275

I have read some good things about this Ortofon and.... low output coils "supposedly" sound better high output coils ???( it has .038mV output) The Rega TT has the necessary shim to accomodate other cartridges. Looking for a smoother top end, less noise and better bass than 10X5

I have a Musical Surroundings Phenomena II which can handle any MC or MM and has variety of capitance adjustments. One concern is cartridge tonearm compatibility. The rest of system is Acoustic Zen Adagios speakers, Bel Canto PRe3 pre-amp, Red Dragon class D mono blocks Any advice will be appreciated.

BTW, I play vinyl about 30% of the time and have about 65 LPs Thanks
If you think the Dynavector 10X5 has lost some of it's sound quality after only 150 hours, you should check to make sure you have it mounted correctly. You should get at least 10 times that much play before a cartridge starts to wind down. Here is a couple links that may help.

Understanding The Issues Behind Cartridge Alignment

Cartridge Alignment Protractors
JG2, Thank you for the links; I think I am just "ansy" to try something different. I can always sell the Dynavector. The table was set-up by the dealer, though after revisiting his shop several times,I found out that his "technician" repaired escalators. Next time I will do it myself and use the old reliable "Geodisc"

Maybe I don't have the patience of younger audiophiles, but I was always troubled by the minution required to set up a table and cartridge. We all studied geometry in high school, but why must we go to such neurotic lenghts to get the best sound of out of these devices. Eventually, I think these rituals of geometry will sink the vinyl/turntable renaissance we have seen in the last 15 years.

Your Dynavector has not lost any sound quality, it should just be starting to sound great at 150 hours. Make sure your stylus remains clean and for that use the Magic Eraser to remove any caked-on bits that kill the sound.

In terms of your specific question, "Looking for a smoother top end, less noise and better bass than 10X5", the Salsa will not give you any of those qualities over the Dynavector. Quite the opposite, actually.
Agreed. Ortofon will not give you what you want here.
Sounds like your 10x5 could be dirty. Use a good stylus cleaner.
The Regas and Dynavectors are perfect matches.
You might also try a different phono stage.
Thanks guys for the advice and comments. I would like to step up in sound, but will not spend 879.00 for the Dynavector X20 MKII. If I eventually retip the Dynavector 10X5 it will cost $365.which seems ridiculous.

I don't like buying used cartridges, because it easiest way to get stiffed by a "seller" However, I am going to check the offerings on AG, and see if I can come with a used Ortofon Black MM for about $400, possibly a Bronze....both have received very good reviews and compete against many MC. Thanks, Jimmy
Again, I am not sure that a retip is what is called for here if you only have 150 hrs on the cart. Unless you got it used and the seller was not honest with the actual hours. If you don't want to retip but a new tip is in fact what is needed, maybe you could get the cart rebuilt by SoundSmith. Aluminum cantilever rebuild is $150 (and I think the 10X5 has aluminum stock) or a ruby cantilever with the $250 rebuild, which also gives you what would likely be a step up in performance due to the upgraded cantilever material.