Is Oritek still in bussiness? Need contact info.

Hi all, was wondering if anyone has contact information for Ori. My web searches came up nil, or with bad links. Was looking to purchase more X2 IC's. If any X2 owners or listeners, know of a comparable IC, please post your findings. I'm sure quite a few bigger badder products have surfaced since 2006. Thanks for the help, Tod.
Tod I have a couple of extra sets of x2 1m length if you are interested.
Thankyou for the prompt responce Ejlif. I'll be auditioning some equiptment over this weekend, to replace my ageing Rega Planet. Definetly interested in one set. Will let you know about the other once I determine what I need. Is there another IC you would suggest over the X2? My contact information is [email protected] Please let me know what you would like per set. Thanks, Tod