Is OLIVE still in business?

Hi guys I am trying for some time now to reach the tech support for OLIVE (the music streamers company) ; but no answer , are they out of business???
Also perhaps someone knows, can an OLIVE OPUS 4 be a NAS for another streamer?
Can I copy my audio files out of the OLIVE and on to a NAS via Ethernet?
Or any other way (I was unsuccessful) 
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Check the archives. Unfortunately their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
They are still in business. I have a problem with a product that I bought from them that was DOA. They drag their feet about taking the product back to fix the problem. I had to send in several support requests in 1 day and also sent something in via Facebook. I think Facebook is what finally triggered a response. I am still trying to get this problem resolved.
My 2 yo Olive O4HD had the mother board go out and they could not fix it due to not having the part anymore. No issue to them; they tried to sell me their newezst and only unit, the ONE. No F'ing way will I buy another product from them or their seed company.
"Can I copy my audio files out of the OLIVE and on to a NAS via Ethernet?"

Olive still in business but they have abandon their support for discontinued products.

I was able to transfer all of my files from Olive 4HD to my new reference Aurender N100H.

Basically, you need to create a back up of your files from Olive on to a NAS or portable USB drive. I used a 2TB Western Digital USB drive to copy files off my Olive and then connected the drive to Aurender USB port. Aurender recognized the attached drive and prompted me to either play music from attached storage or copy files. It took me less than 15 minutes to copy over 5500 files on to Aurender.

Olive took over 2 hours to create the back up...LOL!!!!

Hope this helps!