Is Old Gold? Bowers & Wilkins 702 S2 vs Older Bw or Kefs


Looking to build my Home audio system for mostly music (70%) and movies (30%). I auditioned the KEF R11, BW 702 and loved them both, slightly preferring the BW over the KEf. I also have the opportunity to buy a used BW nautilus 804. New is expensive, and I was wondering if the 804s were a better buy as i am able to get them at half the price. I am concerned about the wear and tear of the 804s or older speakers in general. Also any thoughts on how you would compare the Kef R11 with the KEF Reference Model 203. Lastly, i know music is to the ear, which is why i am trying to limit to these two models. Where i live there aren't options other than Magnolia centers.

I don't have receiver yet and was considering the Marantz SR8012. Thanks! 
Yeah, at Best Buy I recently compared the 702S2 side by side with the 804D3 and KEF R11.  I'm not sure how the Nautilus 804 compares to the 804D3, but I found the 804D3 just way too bright for my tastes, and I was afraid that I could not listen to them for a long period of time.  The KEF R11 seemed muted in comparison to both B&Ws, and the 702S2 is in the middle, in terms of brightness.  If I were buying between those three, I would have gone with the 702S2.