Is now a good time to buy a pre-owned DAC?

I imagine that many forum members build their systems by buying and selling pre-owned kit so they don’t incur large depreciation and can improve their system over time, as funds allow.

Buying 10-20 year old speakers can be a great way to get a high performance to cost ratio. I would also speculate that the same principle applies to most analogue power and pre-amps made in the last 10 years.

DACS are a clearly a very different a matter and I wouldn’t buy a 10 year old DAC so it’s tricky to know if it’s better to buy new or pick up something used.

In last five years, DAC technology has advance to a point where you can pick up some good kit ( really cheaply) and which offers such a high level of performance, that it may retain value for the future, because the technology is now advancing more slowly.

Is buying a preowned, 3-5 year old DAC, now a good idea?  

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It would be wise to wait until PS Audio release the TSS Two Chassis Super DAC, at which time there should be a glut of used DS and DS Jr. DACs for sale.