Is Nipper real?

I am not exactly talking about a dog that is listening to a high fidelity recording good enough for the dog to recognize his master's voice. But my little Corgie bounds down three flights of stairs when I hit the power button in my listening room. Then she runs in circles until the music starts, whereupon she lies still until it stops. And then she barks until I shut it off or put on something else. Nobody who has watched her can explain it. And she reacts not at all to my kitchen set.
Your Corgie's behavior seems to indicate that she is challenging you for "PACK DOMINANCE"

Her next move will be to occupy your seat in the sweet spot, and firmly establish herself as the Alpha member of the family pack.

HTH Dave
My dog runs when I push play :~)
OK Davehrab, I already trun her offen my couch. Guess I'm lucky she can't set the VTA. Never was much of an Alpha, sniff...
Funny I was just thinking about this the other day. I have a Pekingnese that when he was a pup, I would put on classical music before I went to work. He's three now, and in comparison to my other dogs, he is much smarter. He's more attentive, learns quickly, expresses a wide range of emotions, anticipative, knows what he wants and how to get it. I was thinking of the Mozart effect, and maybe it has more implications than just on human. It'll be interesting to see if there has been some study done on this. I agree with Dave there, your Corgie is definitely marking her territory. Just be glad she's not doing it the traditional way.
Mhu, she does not lift a leg on my speakers; that is a male characteristic. And I am perplexed by what territory means in this context. She knows I must be prodded into playing something. She will use her nose to bounce against the cabinet door, much as she noses her water dish across the kitchen floor when empty. I have started taking notes on her fantastic behavior. It seems she lies in the middle to listen, but she has several times moved to one when I put mono on. The ears shift several times. This is funny and all, but it is also disturbing because of how far it is out of line with my five previous dogs. So far as the Motzart effect goes, I thought hearing frequencies and generated sounds corrolate to heart rate and bulk. Sparrow vs whale. Maybe even small dogs are in the window.
You know, I have a muscular 100lb male Weimaraner and when I play Mozart he just can't resist dressing up in full regalia as Amadeus. He often very earnestly plays air piano as well. ;^) Cheers, Lee
My German Shepard Mix does not care for music too much, she seems indifferent.

My Fiancee's Siberian Husky on the other hand, really likes music. Unfortunatly she trys to sing with it as well, and is terrible at it (but dont tell her i said so). So usually i have to keep her out in the backyard when i play music.

Yeah, whenever I play anything by Barry White, my male Rottweiler humps my Thiel CS6.
OK as I suspected, I stand in heaps of scorn with gales of derisive laughter. I guess its no use bringing up my whale with the metronome tail.
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