Is nickel any good 4 speaker cable or power cords?

There is a brand call Canary Audio they use nickel plated copper for their power cord. I heard that nickel is no good for audio because of their low conductivity, but don't they carry more current than silver or copper? Is nickel a good material for audio stuffs? I am not quite familiar with metallugy but info would be appreciated =) Thanks
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I have not yet read anything good about nickel being a good conductor. They main reason it is used is to prevent corrosion. "Buyer beware", if you decide to purchase a nickel product, I am sure every one would be curious to here what you think. You should look into companies that offer 30 trials, then you could test it on your system.
Nickel plating is used on copper conductors mostly for resistance to corrosion, resistance to high temperatures and to prevent copper from leaching through coatings of gold or silver. The price is lower conductivity (higher ohms/ft). Some high quality outlets and plugs, however, are nickel plated - so I can't see why nickel plated pc's would be a problem. But I can't see what benefits they would bring in a normal home environment either. As far as sonics, who knows - differences are heard in things when measurements or physical laws say otherwise.
Didn't the heating wires in toasters used to be cupronickel, an alloy of copper and nickel?

They might be good in colder climates.
I also read it on the Audio Asylum forum that there is actually a Canadian brand doing nickel cords exclusively. One or two said that heard it and it was amazing? One even said he wants to look for raw materials to make one himself....
I found out that the dealer is call... something LOYALTY MUSIC? The owner makes his own kind of nickel cables and they sound really really good (from many people I heard) but the retail value is just too high... $4000 / 8' PR !!!!!!
LOYALTY MUSIC purchased nickel cables from Canary Audio in a bundle forms. I can guarantee you that Loyalty's nickel pc is the same as Canary's. The only difference between the two is Canary's much cheaper cause Loyalty is way over priced.
Just wondering if anyone has recently had experience with the nickel power cables. I am looking at purchasing one for my power amplifier. Your thoughts are appreciated.

P.S. Audio does nickel.