Is Nelson's pre as good as his amp ?

Just wonder is it worth to replace my arc ls-3 with aleph p ? This wonder is based on very satisfied experience with aleph amp (first 5 then 2). OTOH, one stereophile's reviewer seemed to prefer AI M-3. Any thought ?
the aleph-p is one of the best pre's in the world.....i have compared it to almost everything that s out & old....still one of the best active pre available........its up the ai m-3......again a lot depends on your amps and there sensativity ratings and all that great stuff.....
The Aleph amps prefer a balanced input signal. The Aleph P is a great preamp that mates well with the amp series.
>The Aleph amps prefer a balanced input signal

What? These are the original single-ended solid state designs. As I recall, the Aleph 3 doesn't even accept a balanced input.
Drubin you are correct about the Aleph 3, it only has RCA inputs, but all the others are fully balanced designs and for maximum performance they require a balance input signal. If you doubt me, contact Pass and see what they say.
The Aleph 2 manual says that there is no penalty in audio quality for using the RCA inputs.
The Aleph 2 Owner's Manual says: "For the lowest possible operating noise in any environment, the amplifier is equipped with balancd inputs featuring a common mode noise rejection of greater than 60db". I basically can't find the place in manual mentioning about no penalty of using unbalanced (RCA) against balanced. However, I did see "There is no penalty for not using this plug with unbalanced oeration". "No penalty" here I think is something about using or not using the plug for RCA to switch in between 26 dB and 20 dB gains.

balanced is better if the full design is balanced. CMRR is always greatly improved with a balanced design which is always good. That is all you need to remember.
Jshaw, sorry you are right about that, I was going from memory and now that you mention it, I do remember it that way.
Any one know what is the hardware and sound difference between v1.0 and v.1.7 in addition to the spec in service manual? Thanks !
I have had the Pass X2.5 preamp for five months, initially into the Aleph 5 with balanced interconnects and now into the GamuT D-100 Mk. III. This is a wonderful fully balanced SS preamp. It is very quiet, with excellent clarity, smooth, great sound stage and all the other attributes of a great preamp. I think it is near world class at a value price. TAS rates the Pass X1 very highly which I've been told sounds very similar to the X2.5. These preamps are the next generation after the Aleph-P. Ultra Audio reviewed Pass X2.5 on feb. 15, 2003 and compared it with a 14K Rowland design and it was fairly close. Nelson has plenty of info on his preamp at his web site.
Don't feel sorry. I couldn't remember all the details either. I actually just pulled out the manual to refresh my memory...

I think Pass would recommend to use balanced for his amps, if the balanced input is equipped. You can drop any questions to Mr. Nelson Pass and he will answer your questions. Excellent customer service!