Is NBS still in business?

Any one know about the status of NBS? have not heard any new product from them for quite a while and the website did not update for long time...
Was wondering the same thing.....Or how about, are they even a player in what is considered high end cables anymore ????
I can answer your question. NBS was recently acquired by Ms. Louise Lambert from the former owners, Walter Fields and Michael Shields. The company and their products are very highly regarded in Europe and Asia, but their presence in the North American market has slipped badly, which is one of the areas that Ms. Lambert is seeking to rectify as soon as possible. The address to email Ms. Lambert for any particular information or updates is
its a guy and wire in mpls...yes he's still there
I wish Ms. Lambert great success because I could not agree more on the status of the cables here in the US. The NBS product line needs major re-engineering and some realistic pricing as well.

As a long time owner of Statement and Signature ICs, PCs and Spkr cables, it was quite an ear opener for me to hear several much less expensive cables from Purist and Kubala-Sosna displace the NBS in terms of resolution, tonal coherency, dynamics and frequency extreme coverage. The NBS are good cables in the $1k range. But there are a whole lotta darn good ICs and PCs in this price range and to pay $3k or more for these NBS models just makes no sense....well not to me anymore.
Thank you all for the information.