Is Nakamichi Receiver 1 and CD Player 2 still worth enough to try and sell?

I am original owner of Nakamichi Receiver 1 and CD Player 2 purchased back around 1991 - 1992.  I stopped using them a number of years ago so unplugged them and put them in storage.  I recently plugged them back in to see if they still work.  Receiver 1 seems to be fine though bottom 10-20% of LCD display no longer displays.  Everything else seems fine, played both AM/FM output to speakers.  When I switched input to CD player, the CD Player 2 seems to have bigger issues, it will no longer play a CD when I hit play it tries to go through the motions to start up and then just stops.  No audio comes out.
So my question is what to do with them.  I'm trying to clear out space but just not sure of value given their age.  I reckon the CD Player may be worth extremely little given the issues but receiver may have some decent value looking at ebay and other sale sites.  If not I will just drop them off at the local E-waste recycle drop off event.  Anybody else have experience in trying to sell similar (or buy for that matter). 
Just dump the CDP. Put the receiver on Offer Up and whatever you do keep breathing.
The only thing I put on there that didn’t sell, I am glad that it didn’t. I acquired a use for it that I didn’t forsee.
I have sold a variety of used equipment to The Music Room, in Erie, CO, including an older Nakamichi MusicBank MB-1, a 7 disk CD player.  I had a similar issue with the CD player. It appeared to be dead when taken out of storage, but I exercised the unit for some days and it returned to working status. Curiously, some CDs would play, and some would not play.  I initially got only partial audio output, then eventually, all outputs returned to working order. It's worth a try.

The Music Room has Covid restrictions, so you will probably have to ship everything to their location.
Thanks a lot for all the responses!   I had not heard of Offer Up website before and am checking it out now.  I think I will try and list them on Offer Up or Craigslist for cheap enough price to try and find them a new home near me.  I'd prefer to pass them along rather than recycle them (as that seems such an ignoble way to end the life of Nakamichi equipment that had served me well for so many years).
@oxfordamps - thanks for suggestion, I will try and play around with CD player a bit more to see if I can wake it up after such a long hibernation.