Is naim and B&W a good match?

Thinking about going with a Naim Nait 5i for my CDM 1NT's.

Also, what budget cables can you recommend for the B&W speakers.

Any feedback direction is appreciated.

Thank you.
If you only listen to heavy metal, since both have a hardish sound be rough on much else.
Yoh Great Match!--for peeling paint of your walls

How about a Marantz PM15S2? Or your recommendation, looking for a list of successful places to start. I do believe that the speakers are too sharp at the top.

Thanks again for any input.
Tntate - Naim Nait 5i is very musical. I think though OP who posted don't care for B&W. I personally don't care for B&W either but I did come close to getting a Naim Supernait and also compared it to the 5i and XS.
Since you asked about the Marantz PM5S2, I would tend to lean this way. This Marantz is part of their reference line and is in a whole different league than their AV gear. It just doesn't seem to be as well received here in the USA vs. other foreign markets. Unless you have heard and operated one. I have and am very impressed. Also it is a full featured integrated having tone controls, a quality phone section and home theater bypass feature. Plus at 41 lbs., its a pretty hefty piece.

The Naim is more minimalist for those who like this style and function. I am sure it is a very good amp - my preference however is clearly with the Marantz. I would encourage you to see, hear and operate both if you can before making a decision.