Is Nagra BPS The Best Small Phono Pre?

I have downsized considerably, from a ASR Basis Exclusive, and I'm ready to get a new phono stage. Is the BPS the best of the smallest? I wish I could afford the size of a full shelf but I can really only fit something a half shelf size and short height works well but I'd maybe be able to create some height is there was another good option. Turntable will be a Kuzma Stabi S/Stogi and Lyra Delos.
Contact Avatar Acoustics and inquire about the new iFi iPhono. You will not be disappointed.
This little 'Benz Phonostage' should actually be called 'Lukaschek Phonostage'. I had a visitor, a former technician by Benz with this 'little thing' and 5 Benz carts. This guy totaly neglected my Basis Exclusive (Gold version !) and persisted to use his own. I wish I deed not persist from my side on 'somé' comparison. After the comparison I have had many sleepless nights. My way out?
Well this little thing is specialy made for the Benz carts is 'too small' and has just a single input/output provision while my Basis has two separate phono-pres and 'indefinite' adjustment possibilities. That is to say for the MC carts.
for what it is worth I am running a BPS with a lyra kleos and it has been very nice upgrade to my previous Eastern Electric minimax. Was worried the combination might be a little too detailed but not the case and can't get enough of the enhanced detail and full bodied sound. Amazing this coming from such a small package. Only negative is the small size - hassle for my big hands to make setting changes, even attached the ground cable.
I don't like the small batteries function. You only cam get the best sound at the begining. There is also an evident boom bass signature in the music.

Ath this price point I prefer the Trilogy phono amp. Honest and as clean as Bps sound

Anyway if you have small monitors Bps perhaps is your choice, to get more bass weight