Is Nagra BPS The Best Small Phono Pre?

I have downsized considerably, from a ASR Basis Exclusive, and I'm ready to get a new phono stage. Is the BPS the best of the smallest? I wish I could afford the size of a full shelf but I can really only fit something a half shelf size and short height works well but I'd maybe be able to create some height is there was another good option. Turntable will be a Kuzma Stabi S/Stogi and Lyra Delos.
No, it isn't.
You may want to check out the ZYX Artisan. It can hold its own w some very good phono stages. Head to head it easily beat out a Rhea and was very close to the internal phono in a VAC Ren. It was bettered by the Doshi Alaap, but not by that much. It's about the size of a couple of packs of cigarettes and uses a wall wart PS to recharge internal batteries which may be part of it's success.
Ok, Syntax. I'll bite. What is? :)
Is the Jasmine small enough?
Not sure whether small means only dimensionally small or also a small budget phono. If it is the later then I cannot recommend any other phono more seriously than a Lehmann Audio Blackcube SE (not the standard version). I have heard with a Helikon it was very very good, better than any phono under $2k that I have come across.
Please also consider the Liberty B2B-1 - and yes I do make them :-)

Liberty B2B-1

Good Listening

I have no experience with the Nagra, but the Ray Samuels Nighthawk is a nice choice, better than the PS Audio GCPH IME.
Avid Pulsus might be worth considering.
Small in size.
Somewhat small and awesome sounding is the Herron VTPH-2.
In addition to size...what are your other constraints (like cost). I've heard that Nagra BPS, it's pretty nice. The Nagra VPS is better...and still might hit your size requirements...
How about the iphono by ifi audio, it's a sister company to AMR, looks like a pretty good product, the press on it has been spectacular.
You can try to get some info about the little Benz Phonostage. I think, it has 22kΩ, definitely an interesting choice for the Lyra and others.
Contact Avatar Acoustics and inquire about the new iFi iPhono. You will not be disappointed.
This little 'Benz Phonostage' should actually be called 'Lukaschek Phonostage'. I had a visitor, a former technician by Benz with this 'little thing' and 5 Benz carts. This guy totaly neglected my Basis Exclusive (Gold version !) and persisted to use his own. I wish I deed not persist from my side on 'somé' comparison. After the comparison I have had many sleepless nights. My way out?
Well this little thing is specialy made for the Benz carts is 'too small' and has just a single input/output provision while my Basis has two separate phono-pres and 'indefinite' adjustment possibilities. That is to say for the MC carts.
for what it is worth I am running a BPS with a lyra kleos and it has been very nice upgrade to my previous Eastern Electric minimax. Was worried the combination might be a little too detailed but not the case and can't get enough of the enhanced detail and full bodied sound. Amazing this coming from such a small package. Only negative is the small size - hassle for my big hands to make setting changes, even attached the ground cable.
I don't like the small batteries function. You only cam get the best sound at the begining. There is also an evident boom bass signature in the music.

Ath this price point I prefer the Trilogy phono amp. Honest and as clean as Bps sound

Anyway if you have small monitors Bps perhaps is your choice, to get more bass weight