Is NAD C372 Integrated good match w/ Maggie1.7's?

I own a NAD C372 integrated amp [150 watts per channel], and was wondering if it would be a good match with Magnepan 1.7's. Are NAD's stable with 4ohm loads?
It would be a great match. I had maggies and ran em with NAD.
Yes, the NAD is stable at 4ohms. And I agree with Tbromgard, the big NAD would be a great match. That amp has a full rich sound that is a good compliment to the detailed sound of the 1.7.
While the NAD would work well with the 1.7's, I believe the Magnepans are a much better speaker than that NAD is an amp...
I agree with J135. budget is always a consideration, but the Magepans deserve more.
NAD is a high current high end amp which is what the Maggiees need.
I have owned Maggies, and to this day they are the best speakers I have ever owned. They require lots of space from rear walls to come alive, and a high current amp, indeed. All high current amps are not created equal. Bring your Nad and tunes with you to audition them.
Maggies are revealing and will show off the defects of electronics. Stability and "guts" across the audio spectrum for driving the MG loudspeaker load is critical.
In this respect the NAD is basically a welter weight champ and you should use a heavy weight with the MG 1.7's. Not saying don't do it, just be prepared that you will likely be wanting a better amp in 12 months. If you want to stay put on the amp, look for an easier to drive speaker for the NAD.
you will probably want a new cd player after purchasing the Maggies, as well. It may be the beginning of the end of your rig :) we've all been there. keep us posted.
A friend of mine had the C372, MG 1.6 combination. Sounded great. He then replaced the NAD with a Vincent Audio SV-236 MK ii hybrid integrated. The sound was very noticeably improved. It isn't that much more costly, well worth it.
Thanks for all of your input. I appreciate all of you taking the time to answer my question. I have only owned the NAD C372 for 1 year, but I am already itching to upgrade. I want to get a pure tube amp, [although the Vincent 236 was also an option, that I was considering]. My top choices are the Prima Luna Prologue Premium, or the Mystere ia11.
Moving to tubes? Now you’re talking. If you go the way of tubes (which I highly recommend) check out Zuaudio’s website. They will have a speaker in your budget that is very tube friendly. You cannot beat their money back guarantee. Nothing to lose, but the cost of shipping. If your budget allows for the Druids, I’m sure you will not have to worry about return shipping. I’m not a Zu dealer. Just a Zu owner, and waiting on my new Zu speakers. Good luck with your journey…..
The OP asked if NAD was a good match with Maggies, now youre talking tubes and zu audio?
If you like NAD, the C272 amp and C162 preamp are a good alternative to the C372 integrated. No connection to the pair just listed, just a former happy owner., we've all been here before, huh?
I have the 1.7s and I was running them with a Cambridge Audio Azur 840, a strong 350 watts into the Maggies. I up-graded to Parsound JC-1s, more like 800 watts, and the difference was huge! I never felt mega watts were necessary, but something about these amps makes these speakers sing. There is more top end, I didn't expect that, and a sense of effortless power. So, I will support the idea that more is good, but better is even more important. Van Alstine makes stout amps that are not priced beyond reach, and he is a smart designer. I would suggest his products. Maggies are often demoed with Bryston equipment. There must be a good reason for that!
I owned a Bryston 4B with my Maggies a very long while ago. 200 wpc into 8 ohms, and the Bryston clipped all the time when I need to feel the earth shake. I was told to bridge them. NO money back then, but they require serious quality SS. Find a used Bryston 4B and you will be set free...aren't you glad you posted on the 'gon?
Comedychief, the subject of amplification for Maggies has been discussed at length in these forums and reappears frequently enough that the best and most current advice is always available. Yet, for the most part, there is a common thread. Maggies like high quality high current amps. I've had Maggies since 1991 and have driven them first with adcom, then with McCormack, then with Cary 500 MB, then with Cary 500.1 MBs. Everytime I get a bigger, better amp, the Maggies deliver.

I haven't tried tubes. Maggies like current, tubes deliver voltage. Just doesn't seem like a good match to me, but the proof is always in the listening.

I'd be looking at Pass, Cary solid state, McCormack, Plinius, the JC-1. Invest what you can in the amps. Your Maggies will hold up their end of the bargain.
I run my 1.6s with a Behringer EP4000 with great results. Maggies need a workhorse to sound their best.
Some thoughts on amps for the 1.7 in this review
Have we beat this to death. Used Bryston 4B. You'll thank me. A great amp with Maggies, especially bass.
Warren, didn't you say your 4B clipped all the time?
If you’re a hard rocker and you need ear bleed spl, you got to go 400+ wpc to move the pictures. I was younger then, so there were no limits to my tympanic insanity, though I still like the hair on the back of my head to stand up, at times. That’s why the Zu Definitions.
Hi Warrenh-
No doubt the Zu's rock. Im thinking of trying the Omens. Any thought?
check their website out. After the Omens you'll want to bag your ss amp. Maybe you should bag the amp before auditioning the Omens. Zu are tube friendly speakers. never heard the Omens, but you can't beat the guarantee.
I'm running my Maggie 1.7's with a 20 watt Luxman L-550ax integrated. I'm a hard core jazzer (horns, piano, guitar, etc.) they sound fantastic.
Maggie 1.7s with 20 wpc?? I'm a jazzman, as well. When you're ready to hear what a 4 string bass can sound like and the E string of a guitar, plus the bass clef of your piano, on your rig?==re-read the threads. Oops, you're happy. You are a cheap your jazz.