Is my VTL IT-85 enough for Eggleston Fontaine's?

Hello all,
At the moment I have a nice simple setup consisting of VTL IT-85, Meridian 596 dvd, and Audio Physic Spark III's all connected with Audience AU24 cables and Black Sand Silver Reference power cords. I live in a small apartment in NYC and this setup has been excellent for my small living room. However I've now caught the bug again and am wondering about changing my speakers for Eggleston Fontaine's. I love the simplicity of my VTL, but will it have enough Juice for the Eggleston's? Should I look at the Isabel's instead? I'm looking for more bass extension. Give me some suggestions guys. Thanks!
the push/pull grunt of the vtl should work fine with the eggston fontaines......nice system.
I just acquired a pair of Eggleston Works Fontaine II speakers. It match very well with my BAT VK60 60WPC. The bass and HF are both extended with ultrawide sound stage and layered range mid.. This is a very good combination IMHO.
Hi there, I am sure it will work well, I tried a few including the VTL and also the BAT VK60, very nice to be honest. I decided to go Solid State though, big fan of the Esotar tweeters, I feel it needs the power to do full justice. I tried a few Krells and worked wonderfully and also the Krell integrateds....ended up with Rowlands. Magical.

Rowland, Audience Cables for everything, SCD1 source all plugged into Richard Grays and all isolations devices I could get my hands on, I now only spend money on CD's and LP's....
Enjoy since its a good choice made.
Hi ,
Im using the ST-85 directly from an Ayon CD1s to a pair of
Andra II's.
The room is 18 X 23 and the VTL manages it better than Bel canto class D S300 even when I biamplified with another s300 ( actually a 300i on bypass mode).
The ST-85 is just enough for complex demanding passages but
I feel more power is better there . Performs well on the 90%-95% of the music I listen to.
I just bought a pair of VTL MB-125 from a fellow Agoner and waiting to test them. Im quite sure them will get the last drop of juice there.
As a final comment , there is no other PP 2 x el34 @ channel that can manage in such an efortless way than the st-85.
Just arrived the Mb-125´s.
Enough power and control for the Andra II. Absolutely recommended.