Is my system bottlenecked?

My system is composed of:
anthem avm20v2
anthem tube\hybrid cd player
rotel rb976
rotel rb970
B&W 604s3 lcr600s3 (center)
Mirage omnipolars (rears)
SVS Cs20-39

I'm very happy with my preamp and pretty happy with my cd player. I feel like either my speakers (main) or my amp are the weakest link. I'm bi-amping the mains with the 976 giving them about 120 watts each.

I'd like to make an overall improvement to my sound and am not sure if replacing the speakers or the amps would be more cost effective.
I suggest a pair of new speakers. If size isn't a major concern a pair of Vandersteen 2Ces would be perfect with your current system. Later you could add a matching center, etc. as you like.
I think it depends on your budget. You have decent front speakers, and fed the right amplification, can sound very good. I don't think you are currently feeding them enough power. I would try to find a used Classe 200 wpc amp. I don't think you are acheiving what you really want when you bi amp with those Rotel amps.

I think they will come alive if you give them enough power.
The mid bass and the higher frequencies sound good to me..I think. But I feel like the mids, vocals and etc, may be a bit thick...or muddy....if that makes any sense. I'm thinking my budget for either case would be something around 2k.
Given the power you are feeding them they "should" be lean sounding, not muddy. I highly disagree that Vandy 2's are the answer. What I think you need are more clinical sounding speakers or a new front end. Also a quick fix can be had by using thinner rather than thicker speaker cables.
Vr4 jr's is a better choice of speaker. Easy to drive with your gear and much more full range.
What are you referring to when you say new front end? Sorry for my noobness. Also, the cables are kimber 4pr
So I've decided to replace my rotel amps. Any suggestions? I was considering 2 anthem mca30's. Any opinions on other amps or even if the anthem would be considered a worthwhile upgrade from the rotels?
I think you should consider S7horton's idea of a Classe 200 for the front channels and then you can use an MCA30 for the center and surrounds. I assume you have a combo music/HT set-up. I have similar equipment for my HT setup (AVM2 plus MCA30) but I use the HT pass though on the AVM2 to run the front 2 channels to my MAC tube amp. My main 2 channel music setp-up is a MAC tube pre and amp. I listen to 2 channel way more than HT so the set-up is great. I've owned B&W speakers and also a Classe 200. I think they would be a great match. I'm not so sure the MCA30 is a great match for your B&W's.

Depends what your GOALS are (louder, cleaner, better imaging, etc.), but you might look into improving your room. Often the room is the weak link.

Bob Wood
I agree not enough power, those speakers are not your typical 95dB+ speakers.