Is my stylus damaged ?

Hi folks,

I was recently given for free a Technics SL3300 turntable that comes with a Sgure MG44X cartdrige.
I bought a cheap N35X stylus.

As this is an automatic turntable, something is happening and three times the tonearm as slide to the center of the record, I have not tried to play records till I send the turntable for calibration and adjustments.

At first sight the stylus shows no damage and looks still aligned and not ''twisted''.

Should I buy a new one ?

PS: I'm on a very tight budget.

Thanks !
If it looks OK w a magnifier that it probably is. since your budget is tight, I would give it a try one you get the unit back from repair.
The stylus is "sliding" across the record because you probably don't have enough tracking force (VTF) applied to the arm.

Here are the instructions to do that. It's a different model, but the procedure is the same. This is a BASIC way to do it. Using a scale is the best, but this will get you close.

I'm pretty sure your stylus is fine as long as it doesn't appear to be bent. Should be centered.
Tracking force on that Shure cartridge with the M35X stylus should be between 1.5 and 3 grams. I'd set it at around 2.5 grams.
I suspect MOFI is correct. If it still slides to the center, make sure nothing mechanical is causing it, then new stylus.
If you are local to NC I service all kinds of vintage turntables to the original and new functionality.
cheaper stylii are mounted in a lump of solder and commonly fail by popping loose from the solder... this is one cause of "sliding across a record". A common magnifier will show a crater vs a needle when looking at the stylus. If the needle is there then you have an arm force problem, rebalance the arm and set tracking and anti skate force to 2.5 gms. With stylii always set tracking force at the upper end of the range unless you have an oscope and test record to verify how low you can set pressure before mistracking kicks in causing needle and record damage