Is my room going to suck

I am looking for any advise for the room I am being banished to. Planning on doing this within the next couple of weekends. Currently I have an not ideal setup as I have a 7 month old that goes to bed at 7:00 and and our living room is open to the stairway and her room is right at the top. The other room is descent at around 16x22 but speakers and equipment would be in front of the fireplace so wife says no go. 
My best option is to move into the basement and rig it out best I can. Room is 15Lx8.5Wx10H with concrete floor and side walls. Just looking for suggestions on best way to wrangle the best sound out of here as possible. 
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I think the room could sound very good. Dimensions are similar to mine

I would try putting the speakers on the long wall and listen in near field. In my room my speakers are 18" off the wall and 8.5’ apart. I listen about 8’ away and about 9" off the back wall. It will help if your speakers can go close to the wall of course

Some treatment behind the listening position will also help. You can see how in my room I use ASC sound bars but there are many other options

also please use a natural (wool) rug. I’ve tried acrylic rugs and they sound terrible, it will cost a bit more but look for a nice thick one on sale

Keep us posted -OP.

Good measurements for the basement all uneven numbers, and the big plus is a concrete floor which you should spike into with the speakers or speaker stands.

Never ever spike into suspended floors, because the floor then acts as a sound board accentuating and muddying the bass, these types of floors need to be decoupled from stand/speakers.

Cheers George

I feel your pain but the thing to remember is regardless of the room size, with a 7 month old, be very thankful you have a room at all! So, will it work? Absolutely! Good Luck!
I concur with folkfreak. If you are prepared to adjust your listening position to the optimal spot in the room as opposed to trying to optimize your speaker position for your preferred place to sit, then you are on your way. 

My room is similarly sized, though with carpet over concrete, but was still a bit ringy and had to be deadened. The sweet spot for me is very small, and in an awkward spot in the room, but 98% of my listening is done solo so who cares.  
Near field listening should be fine, no worries. Just move the speakers around to find the best position for them.
Thanks for the suggestions. Never thought about the long wall but I will try that also. Hopefully I'll get some time to get it all put together in the next couple weeks. Figured I will start with laying just a big carpet remnant on the floor and hanging some 703 panels around the room and in the corners. Maybe hang some flat on the ceiling. I guess one advantage is this is my little space and I can do whatever I want with it. I have a JL F113 sub that I am sure will be total overkill but I'm sure will really pressurize the room :-). Later I want to knock a wall down and that will double the size of the room although will have a single round truss support in the middle. This will have to do for a while since the last thing I need is another big project.
No it will be good punk rock room :-)
Buy a long set of inexpensive Mogami or Canare interconnects and use the bigger room. Place amp only in front of the fireplace on a floor rack with speakers on either side. Put all your other gear on the side wall using the long interconnects. 
The room will affect the sound quality more than any piece of gear except maybe your speakers. Cheers,
Long interconnects are a really bad idea unless they're balanced cables used with appropriately balanced amp and preamp ins and outs. I think 3 feet is a safe run for single ended cables, 200 feet for balanced. 
wolf_garcia2,515 posts06-15-2016 2:11pmLong interconnects are a really bad idea unless they're balanced cables used with appropriately balanced amp and preamp ins and outs. I think 3 feet is a safe run for single ended cables, 200 feet for balanced.
Safe run for single ended cable can be few...several meters for sure. If ICs are shielded, it can even be longer. All depends on magnitude of various interference such as EMI or RFI
I am with those that support using the room available and going with a nearfield approach.  Room treatment will be beneficial. Get a carpet and pad for the floor. Wool is good.
Suck is a bad word!!
Suck is a bad word!!
What??? Off the bat, I can think of a 1000 good connotations for the word.
Just make sure you also have a good set of headphones/amp for when you need to really "rock out" and everyone else needs quiet time.
got the descent headphone amp thing goin but can't really get into it unless I'm at work. I have 3 sets of good speakers that I am going to try out down there, winner take all. Losers get sold. No more purchases for a while. ;-)
I agree with the long wall/near field, a rug...Room sounds 'live', although that can a positive with some speakers.  I'm a big fan of active eq and 'going flat' in spaces like yours.  Your sub will definitely 'rule the room', so keep it leashed. ;)  Some restrained treatments would help, but those are always long term experiments....

May as well make it 'kewl' to look at, since it sounds already like a retreat. ;)   As with the 'newbie' about, I'd be surprised if you couldn't use one....*G*

Both of you. *L*
I also have a small child 17mnth daughter ( my world ) and my listening room is directly below her and our ht room is right next to hers .so i get it 8 pm its pretty much over . Many years ago i had a basement setup similar size . I had some treatments like heavy curtains i did put a large remanant carpet on the floor . I had maggie mg2 a sunfire and cj tubes from a linn lp12 maggie arm . It sounded great for what it was . The basement will buffer alot of the sound throughout the house . Look at it like i do , you still have a space ! and you have a little one too . Although i cringe when she runs for my wharfdales in my ht room lol .. Noo finger pokes !!
You can make any space work given the right acoustic treatments, gear, speaker placement etc..  I've had numerous dedicated audio rooms in the last several houses we've lived in, various sizes and I made them all work.  Some of course sounded better than others depending on what I had to work with.  Always a fun challenge.  
I just make that room a top priority up front before we move in so there are no "eminent domain" convos later.  ;o) 

My 3 kids aren't allowed in the audio room under any circumstances.  It's just easier and less stressful that way...

The auto EQ on your sub should help.
Maybe not your cup of tea, but you can get $100,000 SQ from $8000 in a good headphone/amp setup. (Think Abyss and Woo WA5LE)
No more 7 mo olds here, but the rest of the family is happier when I use my headphones late. Difficult room dimensions, for sure.
It should work out well. George Cardas has developed some very useful speaker placement formulas for rectangular rooms.  Check it out.

Best of luck
Update. Moved my gear into the basement. My merlins sound amazing down there. I'm glad they didn't sell when i had them posted. I have some oc703 panels hung around and a little bit of carpet I found. Next step is building some corner bass traps, hanging more 703s, and getting a close to room size carpet remnant. Thanks for the suggestions it turned out much better than I would have thought. 
It might suck big time dude!!