Is my room big enough for ProAc D38's

Room Size 14.5 ft wide x 19.5 ft long x 8.5 ft tall. Dedicated media room. I currently have ProAc D15's and am looking for more of a true full range experience. I've heard a lot of good things about the D38's. I run Theta gear for electronics. Will the D38's complement the room size well???

Other speakers I plan on auditioning are:
Avalon Ascendant
Wilson Sophia II
Greetings Chetiar, I had to convert all your measurements to meters before I understood how large your room is! I used to have D38's, and my room is slightly bigger than yours (5m x 8m x 2.5m). It worked beautifully in this room, but you need to have some flexibility in placement. My final configuration had them 1.5m (that's 4.5 ft) away from the front wall, and 1m (3 ft) away from each side wall, with 3m (9ft) between them. I sat 3m away, so got a nice equilateral triangle.

The D38's will be a nice upgrade from your D15's. Go for it, and good luck.
Thanks Amfibius. I'll do some measurements regarding potential placement options.
Hello Chetiar -

Can you let me know some information on how your D15's sound?
How do you have them placed, for example side and back walls? the presentation? What you're running them with, you know the usual stuff. :o)

I will be on the lookout soon for a pair. So any information will help out.
My room is 10 feet by 22 feet long.

Did you ever purcahse your D38's? If so,how did they
sound, and how did you set them up?
I ended up buying Wilson Sophia II instead. They are awesome!!!