Is my Reel to Reel worth anything?

I have a AKAI X-330D Reel to Reel and don't know much about them are they collectable?

it’s a fairly hard to find model, though could take a long time to find a buyer...there are very very many vintage reel to reels on would also need to be working well now, as that deck is not that collectible 

I was considering keeping it, I just like to know more about what I own. I have quite a bit of other stereo equipment, would someone like to help me see what my collection is worth.? I have amplifiers, turntables, receivers... Cassette decks, tuners,. A bunch  of them too.
go on ebay advanced search and see what they have sold for...ignore the asking prices on current sale items...
Yes nice Reel to Reel worth like 500-600. Yes I see your like me . I to have lots of audio equipment. 
Reel to Reel is cool, I had a few, The problem I was running into 20 years ago, was quality recordings, that were still, quality recording.
They are magnetic, the tapes do degrade.  They sure do sound good when the media and unit are working well. They can look great and can have some nice functions, for playback.

There was also a few different formats on the recording, and not all were interchangeable, I can't remember the whole thing.  Towards the end of the tape era a lot were pretty standard, though.

Does that one have valves (tubes) and belts? Parts are probably still around..