Is my power chord going bad?

Hello all, 

I have a power cord purchased from an independent cable maker. When I touch the interconnects running from my phono pre to my preamp to the power chord I get an audible hum coming from the speakers. This doesn't happen when I touch the interconnects to any other power chord in my system. The cord runs directly from the wall socket to my amplifier. 

Shouldn't a properly shielded cable not allow this to happen? 

Thanks for any advice!


It should NEVER touch anyway. 101 cables routing. When the cables are routed correctly you will have ZERO noise. Off the ground off each other cross at 90 degrees. I use as little shielding as possible. It KILLS the dynamics of a system if your not careful.. Routing is a LOT better alternative.

There is a place for shielding.. The right kind is more important than just having shielding. Cable construction (weaves) are quiet because of construction, not shielding..

Right on. They don't touch regularly it was just something that happened that I noticed. I definitely know cables shouldn't touch. 

Power "chord" good God lol. Thanks cellular device. You would think this thread is about an 80s hair metal band with that title 🤣