Is my Placette linestage holding back my Krell AMP

Ok guys, I've been pretty happy with my placette passive linestage up to this point but I've had some people suggest that if I get this Krell FPB 400cx that I should get an active preamp. I am running 1 meter transparent super interconnects from the placette to my amp. Revel Gem speakers and a B15 sub. Current source is a wadia 7 transport and a levinson 30.5 DAC.

I've seen placette passive linestages in much more expensive systems than mine. Is it really my weakest link or should I spend money on a new turntable.
Get a clean used Krell KCT preamp and hook them together with a pair of Krell Cast interconnects. You won't be disappointed. This is one heck of a combo. I owned it and shouldn't have given it up.
I doubt it, unless the output of the Levinson 30.5 DAC is less than 3 volts. But then....that wouldn't be the fault of the Placette, more the fault of the Krell, and it's input sensitivity (2.71 vrms).

Still, If you don't mind spending a good sum of active will sound better (even Placette makes an active, and says it sounds better than the passive unit).

IMO, the Placette passives compare well at around $2,500 and below...or any other good passive for that matter.

The Krell's low sensitivity is offset by the 400W. 100Kohm input impedance is good too.

The Levinson DAC will double the output voltage to 4 if you can use the XLR connections. It also has an incredibly low 5.5 ohm output impedance which is great for passives.

Why are you running that huge amp with those tiny speakers? If you're looking for a bigger sound, you might want to try bigger speakers.
Ngjockey, well I don't have the Krell yet but I think its an amazing deal at $2,000. Yes probably overkill for Revel Gems but it should last me a long time right?
It's not a problem and that does seem like a good deal.

The specs seem nearly ideal for a passive but there's no guarantee. Literally, don't know about the Transparent cables since they don't publish specs and the "mystery box" but, since the DAC is doing the driving, low capacitance is suggested.
Your Placette passive is a fine product. TALK WITH GUY HAMEL about the ACTIVE model. They rarely show up used.

The active also has no gain, but is designed to have 100% performance when the volume is turned down. This is where all passive preamps are not going to work as well.

Almost no one needs gain. There is plenty of volume in the system. The active is a great preamp. It is better than any I have heard. My system is DCS, Goldmund and this "moderately" priced ACTIVE PLACETTE preamp is as good as it gets. If you want flavored sound then look somewhere else. Enjoy
I hope you haven't sold your placette. It is only surpassed by the active model. I us it in a $100,000 Goldmund, DCS system. It is clear, dynamic etc. and if you don't like the sound you have probably you probably don't like some other piece(s) in you system. Enjoy, Peterh