Is my old audio gear worth anything (Rotel, SPL)?

I have left this stuff stored in my parents basement for decades. My parents live in the middle of nowhere, meaning they are not in what I would call a "used audio equipment friendly market". 

I'm mainly curious about the Rotel RA-1412 integrated amp and the SPL 4000 speakers since I'm guessing the rest of the gear is worthless. I'm thinking of taking everything to a local used electronics shop or pawn shop.

Any idea what this stuff is worth?

A pawn shop will give you nothing for them.  Sell them here and list under vintage, I am sure they will sell.  I thought the porno star Ron Jeremy passed away from aids?
Thanks for the prompt reply. I'll have to wait a year to list them since I am going home in 2 days & typically only make it back here at Christmas. 

I'm doing fine -- thx for asking (you're thinking of John Holmes).
From the looks of the equipment, I would think you'd get top dollar in their used price range. They appear to be in excellent condition. 

Right now there are Rotel RA-1412 integrateds going from $1200 to $1500 with one outlier over in Turkey asking $2250.

The speakers are actually made by Paisley in Canada and the prices range from $200- $250.

Good luck and all the best,
Nonoise beat me to it. Well done
My apologies Ron Jeremy