Is my Esoteric DV-50S a keeper?

Just wanting to share my thoughts to my audiogon members. I'm thinking about selling my DV-50S player to purchase a Power conditioner(which I don't have) and another CD player for the same amount of money I get from the Esoteric (around 3,000 bucks). Currently I'm using the Esoteric for CD/SACD only, no video at all. My system currently consists of ....

Esoteric DV-50S
Pass Labs X150.5 amp
Pass Aleph P pre-amp
Audes Blues Speakers
Analysis Plus interconnects and speaker cables
NO power Conditioning
2 20A dedicated circuits with oyaide SWO XXX outlets

So my question is can I get another CD player that will compare in sound with my current player and also purchase a Power conditioner for the money I get from the Esoteric DV-50S. Just wanted to add I'm very happy with my current system. Money is very tight right now. I thought a power conditioner was important to protect my system. I was leaning towards Audio Magic conditioners. (suggestions anyone?) Now for the CD/SACD player. Basically one with comparable sound as the Esoteric.
Thanks Ziggy
Hi Ziggy. I am not familiar with Esoteric equipment but the consensus is that it is just about the best. My feeling is you would be moving down in quality just to accomodate your reachable price of a conditioner. Please take a look at my ad for a Brick Wall surge protector/filter and go to Price Wheeler's website for further information. I have used their products in an $85k system including a Wadia front end & Avalon Eidolons. I downsized into a headphone system because I moved from a house into a condo. Currently, I am back into a house. I now have a modified Wadia 25 and use a Linn Ikemi as a transport. I am selling one of my 2 Brick Wall units for the reason specified in the ad. I am keeping the other one. Most of these so called high end filters use MOV's. You never know how many hits they took before they are useless as protection. Most of them also limit current. Also, they divert noise to ground rather than to the neutral (because of the MOV's). Eventually the line noise, through the ground, gets back into the chassis of all your other equipment. The Brick Wall units do not do any of these harmful things at a very reasonable price. A manufacturer must also have great faith in the continued functioning of their product if they provide a 10 year warranty. Just some food for thought here before you sell and buy some things you may regret.
keep your dv 50 and save for what ever else you want. it is an awsome piece of equipment, while not as good as the new 60 series it would cost a lot to replace it with something better
I agree with Wwschull. It's too darn good to get rid of. I wish they had "Digital In" so I could use mine with my music server.

Good Luck

Sorry to be the vote of no confidence, but I have never been in love with the DV 50, superb build quality but way too sterile for my ears. The Esoteric's are way too hifi sounding. Not enough musical ebb and flow for me.

Personally I would look at a new CD player with the power conditioner.
Why don't you get it modded? I know that it changes the sound in a big way, I had a GNSC done on all my wadias and my MFA D75 to a superb effect. So consider it before you dump your player ( I think that one must modify ) before you buy something else .Hope this helps and good luck-Dennis
see if you can swing it for a used Shunyata Hydra 2 or Shunyata Guardian 2 or PS Audio Ultimate Outlet to stay on the cheaper side of power conditioners.....for your pre and cdp.

Your Pass amp has built-in protection and AC line filtering and does not need power conditioner or a surge protector. All you need is the cond unit with 2 outlets for your source and pre.

IMO, keep your Esoteric. You will sacrifice on sound quality if you think you can get both the power cond and cdp for the price of Esoteric.
Ziggy back,
I'v finally had a chance to get back to my computor. Just wanted to thank everyone for their opinions and advice. Sounds like everyone but audiooracle agrees on keeping the Esoteric.
I would like to know from audiooracle which CD player do you recommend in the same price range as the Esoteric. So for now I'll save some $$$ and get one of the PC's that Audiophile 1 suggested or the Audio Magic.
Oracle very seldom recommends a product he doesn't sell.

So, if and when he responds, take it with a grain of salt as it will undoubtedly contain a financial interest.
Keep the DV-50.

I replaced a Unidisk 1.1 which was MUCH more expensive with one and it more than holds it own against it.

My plan is to eventually mod the DV-50 - but right now I'm very happy with it bone stock.
Keep the Esoteric, and save for a power conditioner down the road. The Esoteric has a lot of good things going for it - obviously the sound quality, but also the fact that they built their own transport, not a potentially flawed off the shelf OEM unit, they are reliable (see threads about sertain other SACD players), and Esoteric is a division of TEAC, which means they'll probably still be around 5 years from now if you need a part, or want to upgrade within the line. Wen you find something that combines usability, true high-end sound, and reliability in this hobby, cling to it like grim death to paraphrase Seinfeld.
Upgrade the DV50 and you won't have to think about another player period. You will be very hard pressed to find a stock player that will better it.
Keep your DV50.  Great sounding player that I put back into my system after a few years of loaning it out to a friend.  My PS Audio Transport don’t sound as good as the DV50.  
Is there better out there?  Yes but it’ll cost me.  
Writing this response  14 years later.😂
I have the original DV-50 and won't sell it.  I tried to replace it once and got an Esoteric D-7 DAC.  It's super nice but the old 50 has a warmer presentation.  I also use it for Concert DVD's. It has the best picture I've ever seen. 
Good to read that this Player is still reference quality in 2021. 

Happy Listening!

Can anybody try playing SACD-R on TEAC DV-50?

I have some DVD-R burned with ISO like SACD-R, my Denon DVD 3910 can play it, but I am sure Teac is much better player. I would it buy second hand for very good price. Thanks for help.


this Player is still Reference quality in 2023. 


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The Denon 3910 is an excellent Player from Japan. Only the 5910 betters it, not by much margin.  I hope other DV-50 Owners chimes in to address your query.


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Thanks for help! I can buy DV-50 from the first owner for 1250USD. 

So I don´t know...

I acquired my DV-50s from Arthur Salvatore (it was the "low" priced digital source in his reference system). He shipped it in it’s original factory carton, and though the player perfectly survived the trip, the carton and internal Styrofoam blocks barely did (the blocks arrived pretty much destroyed, broken into small pieces). The DV-50s weighs 46 lbs!

If you buy one that needs to be shipped, insist the seller double box it in a very substantial carton, with a lot of thick padding.



I paid $1250 for my DV-50 player, well-cared condition. I concur with bdp24, if the Player must ship, at least double box. It is a BEAST! Keep me posted on your buying decision.


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If you spot a Remote Control for the DV-50 / 50s, let me know. Mine is cracked on top. Still works, still cracked.


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