Is my cartridge the problem?

Being a man of modest means, I have a modest system consisting of a NAD 320BEE, a Music Hall mmf5 with the standard Goldring 1012GX cartridge, connected to a NAD PP2 phono stage, and an old Sony CD changer, (a relic from a previous system).
I am increasingly disappointed in the depth of the music reproduced by the analog section as compared to the product from the old Sony CD player!
I would like to try a different cartridge but there are too many choices on the market and I don't want to take a blind chance on some thing so expensive! Any suggestions?
Well, I wouldn't be too quick to get a new cartridge. That may not solve anything. One thing that CD's do very well, everything else being equal, is image. Especially compared to vinyl if your TT/arm/cartridge are not optimally set up. Even then its a good contest.

The critical things must be done properly, VTA (a biggy) VTF, anti skate, and cartridge alignment. You can get some fairly big changes by experimenting with VTA/VTF (by ear) once you have dialed in the manufacturers recommended set up.

Who ever said vinyl was an easy medium was blowing in your ear. Its not plug and play, but well done it can be excellent. Bear in mind there is a very good reason that folks who are into vinyl will pay big bucks for turntables and arms. They are not just rich and /or foolish. You can only expect so much out of a modest rig.

Get out you alignment tools, your arm level, your platter level, and your VTF guage and have at it! :-)
Here is a link to fine-tuning your table if you want some excellent tips. a Denon DL-103 cartridge might be worth looking into.I think the NAD PP-2 has a moving coil capability.
The cartridge is not the problem, it's the arm. Your tonearm is basically an entry level unit; although it may track the Denon 103 and other more expensive cartridges,it will not track them well enough to fully realize their potential.
Save your pennies and upgrade the table/tonearm. Look for a nice used combo. All of course IMO.
Wc65mustang is on to something. Jay w I am afraid your journey as a mid-fi to Hifi guy has began. Your ears have out grown your wallet. Join the club! Jump in, the water is fine! Enjoy
I think I will try optimizing the T/T and see what Newbee’s advice can produce; although, I do understand what you other fellows are saying. Perhaps it will come to opening the wallet again.

It seems one thing always leads to another in this quest. This is a perfect pursuit for my addictive personality while feeding my compulsions. What have I gotten myself into?
What have I gotten myself into?
A neverending search for the elusive Holy Grail.