Is my Audio Alchemy DAC outdated?

I bought the DDE V1.1 in 1994. It's still going strong. But, would I get better sound by upgrading to a new player or DAC? My transport is a Yamaha. Thanks for any response.
It is almost as out of date as a computer from 1994.

Time to move on. Search here and google around on USB DAC.
Herman is right, but don't dump it (it's not worth that much anyway). I have one too, and it's still way better than the DAC in any under $300 DVD player.

Recently, I discovered it will even accept/decode 24/96 sources (I was amazed!)
Yes it is, there has been a lot of progress in DACs over the last 12 years. Just basic DAC chips in todays DVD players outperform older high-end players. Ever heard the buzz on the modified cheap Toshiba, Samsung, and Panasonic DVD players? (Audio Asylum forums) If you are looking at an upgrade, Check out Reference Audio Mods and their Samsung players.. amazing sound for the money.
Yes, but it’s still can be of value. I have one also and used it for years. It was replaced 6 years ago kept as a back-up along with my beat up old Magnavox 560 cdp. A few months ago my current disc player needed repairs. Out it came and did a great job while the other was getting fixed. It can also be used with Digital Out of a computer.
I recently bought an Oppo DVD player to use solely in 2-channel audio system. I knew something was lacking. I then purchased the PS Audio digital link III DAC. All I can say is WOW. What a difference. Outstanding DAC for the money.
I would give a Scott Nixon Tube Dac a listen. There's one on AG right now. It is a very musical DAC and you would have to spend much more to get better sound. Changing tubes will give you a different sound. Addressing cables on the SNTD will change the sound too.