Is mp3 320 mbps good enough for your ears?

I try to use wav or apple lossless in my digital music collection, but I sometimes only have access to friends' mp3 320 mbps files. I find them to have lots of weight and detail and sometimes I wonder if I can hear the difference between those and Apple lossless. What is your opinion?
If you wonder if you can hear the difference well, there is your answer right there. Only your own ears count here.
I only listen to that bitrate in my car...if you can't hear the difference you're lucky.
I wish I had that problem, I would save tens of thousands of dollars on my AV gear!

320 does it for headphones (correction, earbuds!) but on my main rig? CD is minimum, LP, SACD, DVD-A.......
One word...cymbals.
I find that 320 mbps is great for background listening, you have to pay attention to hear the difference from lossless files. But, on a good system, if you're paying attention.....
You said it Lgoler - cymbals. Makes me cringe just thinking about some bad experiences.
As far as im concern a good mp3 at 320kbps will sound very good if the source was good in the first place and if the conversion was done right. The part of the sound that is gone is a part that you are not able to ear (at that 320 ratio)
Sometimes in the car. Otherwise............... NO.
Ill second Lgoler.
try hearing numbers with lots of High frequency before you decide. Cymbals/triangles..thats where i find the maximum differences in resolution 320 Vs lossless is very dependent on the overall (HF) resolution of the system
As long as it sounds good I don't have an issue. When buying new vinyl, sometimes the record label offered a 'Free Digital Download" of the product. Most of the downloads are MP3, some sound good and some don't. It is getting hard to live in a bit rate perfect world.