Is Morrow Audio gone?

I'm seeing a lot of Morrow Audio cables flooding the used market lately, even from The Cable Company (at really cheap prices). That makes me wonder if they've gone out of business? Or are they simply upgrading all their lines and putting everything current on clearance?

I almost wish they were gone. At least once a week I get an Audiogon ad for Morrow cables, which is annoying.

at the bottom of the email that you get from Morrow Audio there is a that and you wont get any more emails.
riley804 I didn't assume anything. I was merely "wondering" and asking the question. I am in fact doing some research. Thanks for your invaluable input.

you did assume as why else would you think he was going out of business because you see his cables being sold?

obviously you didn’t look into things first before starting this thread, which is obvious.

love how you say thanks for the invaluable input but you were the one that started a useless thread and if you would have looked up morrow audio on here and his feedback , you would see he has recent feedback or could have gone to his site and seen this as well.    but you didn’t did you.
Agreed, anyone who starts a thread that could possibly, by reference, hurt a company needs to be thoughtful and thorough. Websites and phone numbers are readily available for those who have questions. Please investigate before you speculate. 😉

p.s. I have in the past owned Morrow cables, (Speaker and IC's.s). I have met Mike and his team in person at AXPONA and at Rock Mt. Always warm and very gracious with his time and willingness to discuss his designs and audio philosophy. I still have a few I use for comparison when auditioning new equipment.  IMO, the sweet spot is the 5/6 series.
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