Is Morrow Audio gone?

I'm seeing a lot of Morrow Audio cables flooding the used market lately, even from The Cable Company (at really cheap prices). That makes me wonder if they've gone out of business? Or are they simply upgrading all their lines and putting everything current on clearance?
As others have mentioned, it seems to be the way Morrow market their products. Be it cars, hamburgers or audio, everybody has a schtick. Theirs is trying to sell on "value". For my part, I went with their SP4 level which I felt commensurate with the rest of my mostly vintage system. I've been happy with them.

If you have concerns, when you visit their website they used to have a chat that would pop up so you can ask questions. I'd give that a shot.
Happy listening.

I'm using mostly Audio Envy these days, but still have a soft spot for Morrow.

Interesting. I've been considering both of these cables. Looks like I should try the audio envy more. What are the difference between the two?
Their pricing on sale model is their hook. 
They do very good work.  

 - axpert, thanks for the great overview of Morrow cables. All valuable info.  -  lalitk, I'm currently using all Straight Wire cabling (Crescendo 3 interconnects, Serenade 2 speaker wire, and all Black Thunder II power cords).  And thanks to everyone who commented about Morrow Audio's sales. While I would tend to agree that small companies are trying anything these to stay alive, I've heard from others that cable companies have been thriving during pandemic lockdowns because we audiophiles have been staying home listening to our stereo systems, and getting the upgrade bug! (I certainly fit in the category...)
The morrow of this story is that if you can't say no to 50% off
you may be the same boat as your spouse.