Is Morrison E.l.a.d. so great?

When I read audioreview about Morrison E.L.A.D. can it be true, it looks as it is the only one.
But is it true or a joke? Can it be true? or are they simply his friends!!!!! I have Cary audio tubes monobloks, does they work great together with Morrison?
It really sounds great.
I just upgrade to an Elad from a Creek OBH-12.

but it only has 2 inputs.
I have the ELAD for about 4 months now. It is the best preamp I have ever heard. It does not have any bell or whistle and limited inputs to 2.

It matches very well with my Bryston 4B ST, I am sure the Cary would sound awesome with it. It is very transparent and neutral and will reveal any weakness from the source. It is dead quiet and built to last a lifetime.

It doesnt have any bell or whistle and no remote and separate volume controller for each channel, so some people might not like it. But music, i think this is the best preamp for it. Call Don up and talk to him, he a great guy to deal with. Buy one from him, if you dont like it, I am sure you can sell it here at Audiogon without a problem.
I bought myself one as a gift last Christmas and used it for about three weeks. It sounds good. A few weeks later I got a hell of a deal on a used JoLida 502B which was my first venture into tubes after 20 years of playing with solid state hifi toys. Maybe it's just me, but the cheap ass 502B integrated killed my E.L.A.D./McCormack 0.5 Deluxe combo and sold me on tubes majorly. I'll occasionally set up the transistor stuff just to see if I have tube infatuation or not...I don't. Sorry for getting off topic.
Being an owner of an ELAD myself, I second Liaoyk and Chatbc on their recommendation of the unit. It is a no-nonsense preamp that would simply disappear in your system. Although the convenience features may leave you wanting, the simplicity and the solid build of the unit, along with the external power supply), is out of this world (especially at its price). As for Don, the designer of the ELAD, he is probably one of the most down-to-earth and customer-centric guy in the industry.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.
I'm sorry to report that my humble system is constantly being changed and (hopefully) upgraded. Every component except one (you guessed it) is a candidate for replacement. Just like Goldelocks, I've found the right bed. The E.L.A.D. is - just right for me! Read the reviews or contact me for a more explicit rave. Better yet, contact Don and buy one. I think you'll see why we really love this unit.