Is Michael Wolff still making power cord?

Michael's website has been down for a long time and he doesn't seem to be answering emails. Did I miss something? I have several of his early gain cords and I would like to upgrade or find something similar.

Thanks for any info.
I saw a post or ad or something in the past year from Michael Wolff saying he was packing it in and would no longer be building or selling power cords.

Too bad, I had heard and read good things about his cords and had hoped to try them. I do see them for sale here used from time to time for very good prices.
Thanks Dlcockrum for the reply. If what you heard is true, that is really too bad. I own Silent Source, Blue Marble, Cardas Golden Reference and Michael Wolff's Gains. My favorite are the Wolff's. I was hoping to finally try one of his Source power cords for a new tube amp I'm listening to. I'll keep a lookout for a used cord. Thanks again!
You might want to try one of the Synergistic Research Tesla power cords. They are extraordinary IMO.

Merry Christmas!!
Like yourself I am a fan of Mike's power cords. I would suggest give TelWire a try, they are like close siblings.
Better hurry:
Got it! Thanks for the heads up Dlcockrum! You just stopped me from making an offer on a Tesla power cord. :-)

Greeni's recommendation of TelWire looks interesting as well. I was not aware of this company.

Thanks guys!
I always wanted to try Mike's power cords but never had the chance. However, I can vouch for Tel Wire as well. They are the only detachable power cords I use in my system.

I compared the TelWire PC to the Tesla T2 on my Ayre CDP a while back and preferred the TelWire in that position at that time. It is indeed very good and Chris Kline, owner of TelWire is great to deal with. The TelWire PC has Oyaide 004 plugs so it mates well with the Oyaide R1 receptacle.

As I added additional Tesla power cords, receptacles, and cabling, I came to prefer the T2 to the TelWire. I recently upgraded from the T2 to the Hologram D PC on my CDP (awesome), but the T2 is still the best PC for the preamp.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!!
This is Michael's wife. I'm saddened to say that Michael passed away on December 21. I know he so enjoyed the forum on Audiogon and appreciated the wonderful reviews he got regarding his power cords. He made a wonderful product which he put his heart and soul into.
Wow... What a "holiday" season you must have had!
I wish you strength and hope you are supported by good friends and family. With my sincere condolences
This is really sad news, sorry to hear this. My sincerest condolences as well
Thanks for your thoughts. If you should hear of anyone else looking for Michael's products, you might pass the word along that he has died.
Wow, very sad news indeed. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.
My condolences to Mrs. Wolff, family and friends.
My condolences also to Mrs. Wolff and family. It truly is a loss for an entire community of people who appreciated his work and products not to mention his own family's loss.

I wish, pray and hope that you can find strength during these trying times to heal and recover.

I have always been a fan of Mike's power cords. He was a great guy. So sorry to hear the news of his passed away.

My condolences, and may peace be with his family.
Very sorry to hear the news. My sincere and deepest condolences to you and your family.
Very sad news. I loved Mike's power cords. Both he and his creations will sorely be missed. I wish the best for you and your family during such a sorrowful time.
thank you for all your efforts, your contributions, and your time-- you will be missed. peace.
I just spoke with his wife today 05/24/2010. Sadly he passed away in december of 2009.