Is MF 550k good enough amp for B&W 802D ?

Hi There !

Im Planning to upgrade my speaker anthony gallo 3.1 to B&W 802D but i am not yet ready to upgrade my pre / power amp coz i just recently upgraded my Gyrodeck to Orbe w SME V tonearm & cadenza black cart & vtl 5.5 to ear 868 preamp.

Do u think Musical Fidelity 550k monoblocks will drive the 802D ? or better yet forget d upgrade unless i can afford the Classe or Macintosh AMPS.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

I would wait or look at other speakers, the Superchargers are quite decent amplifiers, but are not the last word in sounding warm, the 802d are a little aggressive on the top so the combination might be a bit too forward for you.
The 802D are great speakers. Buy them and upgrade the amps when you can.

If heard bigger B&W's driven with smaller amps ... very good ... even if not as good as big Krells.

Go for it!
thanks so much for your reply.
I have B&W 802D Great speakers, indeed. I own them and enjoy immensely! Be aware that they are extremely power hundgry and also as Audiofreak said a bit aggressive at the top. I tried a number of amplifiers until I settled on Spectron. Note, you don;t have to buy everything at once.

All The Best