Is Meridian dead as a product company?

Hello everyone,
I like to check out Meridian every now and then, to look at their surround processors, and see what I could buy cheap used. :)

So I just went and looked, and it seems that they stopped developing products about 5 years ago. Their surround sound offerings are old and haven't been updated.

I was thinking of picking up a G65 for use with my current HT setup.

I own G68 and G91 processors. The sound is good, but I also have a recent model Marantz processor that is much less expensive and just as enjoyable to my ears. The G68 is now part of a third system and the G91 is mothballed.

Here in California, I have experienced a couple of brownouts. When the power came back on and there was a surge, the only electronics damaged in my house were my Meridian processors and speakers.

Some other points:

1. Meridian dropped most of their dealers. Support is not very good compared to the past.

2. Meridian blocked access to firmware and software downloads for owners of used gear. This used to be free and easy to do through your home computer. We now have to go through a dealer, and they are harder to find now.

3. The parts they use are not the best and not what you would expect in such expensive offerings. I have had to replace the power supplies in both my processors, and replace other parts that went bad because the power supplies blew up. My technician showed me the parts he replaced - they were inexpensive capacitors and resistors. As for their other products, I had three transports go bad on my disc spinners, and I had issues with a pair of their dsp speakers.

In sum, in my experience, their stuff is not the most reliable, but they sound decent. That said, they have not stayed ahead of the pack, and my Marantz is the big dog in my house now.

Thanks for your perspective, thaluza, with Theta ridiculously out of my price range and, in my opinion, always on the verge of ceasing all product development (if it hasn't already happened) I didn't have a lot of choices.
I was thinking of buying a Theta Casanova (again!) for the sound quality, and price (~ $500) then I saw a couple of Meridian surround processors ~ $2k.

Ages ago I remember Meridian customers were super happy with their digital systems, but no idea bout their HT.

Maybe I'll just get a Marantz, they seem plentiful and inexpensive used, and up to current HDMI standards.
You're welcome. I do think the sound quality of my Meridian G68 is perhaps a tad better in two channel mode than my Marantz. Dialogue is  a bit easier to hear too. But the Marantz and other current offerings have the most recent codecs and seemless hdmi video and audio switching built in, whereas with Meridian you have to buy a separate HD621 unit which, if you buy used, adds hundreds of dollars to the cost.
A few years ago I was 100% Meridian. 861 processor, 800dvd, 8000 speakers, 5500 speakers and more. I found the set up was so cack-handed and unreliable it was to expensive to keep calling someone  in to make simple changes. Eventually I am now minimal Meridian - just 800dvd (still great) and a recent amp purchase g57 as rear amp. Their amps are good in spite of age. 
The dealer situation is just crazy - Meridian went the lifestyle route for big spenders after they got taken over. I used to be able to call the company and have a chat about products and issues, but they stopped that. The old regime even came to my house to help an installation of 8000 speakers. You wouldn't get that now. My local dealer also got frustrated with their flaky products and gave up. 
Hitchhikers support group became locked into Meridian (kickbacks I reckon) and eventually banned me after I mentioned a series of defects and problems. (You can't criticise Meridian!!). I now have Bryston  and DCS stuff - easy as pie.

I used to own the Meridian 508.20 CD player and loved it.  

I pretty much never hear about Meridian now, except in regard
There dead throw dirt on them asap!!
I have a Meridian 518 DSP excellent condition in if anyone wants it.
You could check with Stereo Design in San Diego. They've been a Meridian dealer forever. I've used nothing but Meridian amps for over 25 years, and love them. I used 557's for most of that time but both eventually failed the same way and could not be fixed (by Meridian or anyone else) but now use a bridged G55. Hope it lasts as long as the 557s did.
BUMP:There's still a few M dealers around and the above mentioned hitchikers guide to meridian is the place for all things M. I finally bought the kit I'd been pining over for years.The new prices are to expensive(for me)but second hand are worth a listen. What makes Meridian a tough sell is their products don't focus on the same features as the competition so assessing value and purpose in a non all M system gets confusing. I have no reliability problems tho' there was a bit of a learning curve setting my system up.
They died years ago wake up dude.