Is McIntosh MS-300 and Escient E-200 MB the same

I bought a McIntosh MS300 New in the box. It would not boot up I sent it to Panurgy since it was no longer under warrantee. They stated it was the motherboard. Since this is actually a Escient E2-300. Does anybody now if the motherboards are interchangeable.
I looked at some pic's of the MS-300. It looks like the MB is a standard PC type unit. Probably a micro ATX. You should be able to buy an equivalent from any computer store that sells motherboards. If you can locate the model number, it may be possible to get the exact same one. Either way, its a fairly simple job to swap it out. The OS is Linux, so you won't have to worry about any type of activation. I don't know if they gave you a price wherever you sent it, but if you buy the board yourself, it will probably be less than $100.

Also, are you sure the people you sent it to are honest? You may have a bad MB, buy I think its more likely that the power supply is bad. Its a much more common fix for this type of problem.
Bought from dealer or private seller?
Escient made these for McIntosh, two versions MS 300 & MS 750.
I would contact McIntosh directly & ask for assistance in fixing your problem. They should know more about their product than a third party would.
Thanks for your answers Since Escient went out of business.
Panurgy is the repair facility for these units. But I did get an answer. The motherboards are not the same according to Panurgy.