Is Martin Logan goin to Big Box stores?

I may be wrong but I think I saw a post that made me think ML is gonna be at Best this so?

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they are in a best buy-owned chain called "magnolia" as are several large hi end brands. when best buy 'started out'in minneapolis they were called 'the sound of music' as they were a single stereo shop that featured hi end brands....'cizek' anyone?.
there have been hundreds of hi end companies in the last few years go 'belly-up', move manufacturing to 'built-to-spec' factories in china, or get purchased by investment groups(or larger companies),looking to turn a nice, quick profit. there will be rare exceptions to the later. mcintosh has been one of the few who have survived new ownership, and continued to build on the ideals that the company was founded on. most will not be so lucky, because most don't build a product for the ages. love bose or hate bose....whoever thought a table radio of any persuasion would be selling in 2005.