Is Magnepan MG IIIa noticeably better than MG 2.7

I am considering going to the MG IIIa's with the true ribbon tweeters but can't really find many comments about these speakers on the Internet.
They sound great, the only caveat being, that since they have not been made for a long time, you have to make sure the ones that you find are in good shape. You can replace the ribbon tweeters easily yourself, but fixing the main panels is much trickier, and Magnepan will no longer repair them.

The ribbon tweeter is very nice, BTW.
Had the 111A's for 10 or so years and they are great speakers. The true ribbon tweeters are wonderful but you do have to have a simpatico system to get the ultimate sweetness out of them. That isn't hard to do, just takes a bit of effort. However, this is an older, discontinued model and therin lies the problem. These planer diaphrams degrade from age and the wire grid/"voice coil" has a tendency to delaminate from the mylar panel. After 10 years, I found that the adhesive on mine had softened and the wire grid had seperated from the panel on the upper and lower edges. This caused buzzing etc. as they moved in reaction to the magnets, but weren't attached to the mylar. It is sad this has to happen. Not necessarily the result of poor workmanship, just the nature of the beast. I don't mean to bad mouth Magnepan, I still like the company and would even buy their products again if I had the money and was willing to acommodate them in my room. I would never though buy an older used pair. By the way, many say the ribbons are delicate, but I never had a problem with this. You just have to respect them and take the proper precautions when packing or handling them. Sorry, never heard the 2.7's
I have owned both and preferred the IIIAs because of the true ribbon tweeter. If you live near Seattle feel free to come over and listen to them.