Is M&K going out of business?

I was at my local audio store a few weeks ago looking at subwoofers and trying to compare my M&K to whatever. Anyway he said that M&K' were great, unfortunately they were going out of business. Can anyone confirm,
If so, I hate to hear it. I bought a pair in 1980, the drivers eventaully had to be replaced (at very reasonable pricing)otherwise they are still being used by a close friend and running strong.
M&K is not going out of business. The problem M&K has is with Manufacturing & Distribution of product. And since they can not supply, dealers are tired of no product. As a dealer for them I have that problem.
I Ordered 2 VX 1250 subs for a customer waited about 2 months and finaly call my distibutor for the Umpteenth time. Was told that, that model was replaced with the VX1250SF model but won't be ready for another 3months. We ended up with there new MX-2500 sub. Which by the way is a solid sub. On the flip side I have never had any problems getting S-150's.
The other problem that M&K is having is thet they just moved in to a brand new Manufacturing facilty.
I am told that they have hired new personel for dist. and manuf.
Hopefully it will all work out soon.
I've always been a solid supporter of M&K product, as a salesperson and installer over the years. They produce some superb VERY dependable product, that's virtually bullet-proof, sounds good and does what it's supposed to do...and very well I might add!
Their Subwoofers, small satalites and active speakers are very potent for HT/music systems from my experience. The MX series subs are very quick, tight, musical, and virtually indestructable. The Small satalites porform dynamically with good detail, and mate well with a variety of gear. There active S150's are simply dynamite HT speakers, very very potent indeed!!
Yes, there are still more refined, neutral, clear sounding speakers as a whole out there for the same money. Still, for dynamic, coherent, detailed, well put together gear, it's great value. And the subs are way more musical and accurate than most of the stuff out there.