Is Lyra Helikon too analytical?

I'm currently using a Koetsu Rosewood, and planning to buy (or upgrade?) the Lyra Helikon. Essentially going from warm to analytical for the details in my opinion and according to what I heard, is that true? I also heard of a HP downgrade on this cartridge, is that just a rumor?

Thanks in advance for all the *expert* opinion!

I haven't heard of a hp downgrade. He's lushed over it for 2 years now. Lyra does have a new cartridge out, the titan, suppposed to be all/more the detail of the helikon with more warmth. It's pricey around $4500. I have a good friend who used the Koetsu Rosewood sig. These are both great cartridges, just a style thing. Really the best way on this is to try it, which I realize is a pain the neck.

Good luck
Another possibility is to hang on to the Koetsu and when you ready have it rebuilt with the platinum signature innards. I believe that Koetsu SE (southeast asia) will do this for you. Go to their website if this sounds appealing.
When properly setup and correctly loaded, the Helikon is certainly not analytical. In fact, the sound is rich and smooth without compromises in speed and transparency.

Most people who complain about the "thinness" of the Helikon are using the standard 47K ohm loading. Try 100-1000 ohms for a richer and smoother (i.e. more musical) presentation .
Thanks for all your thoughts. I will have to take the plunge to find out, then. I'll also try the 100-ohm loading as I've read it elsewhere.

Chalk down another purchase for myself. Isn't "upgrade" fun?
Funny, but I like my old Clavis DC better than the Helikon as it makes the walls suck in and out with dynamics.....I can't afford a Titan, but it is everything I would like in a cartridge....Jonathan Carr has hinted that he is working on something between the Helikon and Titan and hope they get it ready soon as my old Clavis DC is going away....My suggestion is use the Koetsu into the 2004 CES in early January and hope that work is completed on the new cartridge....