Is Luxman a poor man's D'Agostino ?

Both separates and integrateds.
What do you think ?
Quote from Terry London’s Coda amp Stereo Times review...

In January of 2019, I did the first professional review of the Coda Technologies’ Continuum No. 8 amplifier and found it to be a stellar performer (reviewed here). I never doubted that the No. 8 amplifier’s build quality and engineering would be at a reference level, based on the history with Coda Technologies equipment. Still, I was quite impressed with its beautiful music presentation that competed with solid state-amplifiers that cost thousands of dollars more. For example, I had the Dan D’Agostino Progression Stereo amp (which retails for $15,500 more than the No. 8) in for review and the Coda amplifier outclassed it in tonality, transparency, speed, and soundstaging ability.

good reviewers make relevant comparisons such as this among amplifiers reviewed

that being said, one must take into account the reviewers speakers, room and sonic preferences

jjss49 I never could find the Dan D’Agostino Progression Stereo amp review. Does anyone know where it is? Specifically, the one that Terry did.

Cheers George
Yep, lots of reviews online George, but I wanted to see the review Terry did so I know what components he had in his system, and how long he had the progression amps vs Coda amp.
@yyzsantabarbara The Luxman 509x that you listened to is a different sound altogether than the 590AXII. If you like the Coda integrated, which outputs the first 18 watts in class A, I'm sure you will love the 590AXII which is pure class A for the first 30 watts. What I found was that you simply cannot extrapolate the sound signature of 590AXII by listening to the 509x. They're quite a bit different.

@skypunk -- I heard both the Luxman and the Simaudio integrated amps at the same dealer and my experience was just the opposite. I found the Moon to be a little too energetic for my taste. While I didn't care much for Luxman 509x, the 590AXII ticked all the right boxes for me. It just goes to show that at this price point, it's all about preferences.
Luxman is an amp that i would want to listen to d agostino is an amp that can take a hike.