Is Luxman a poor man's D'Agostino ?

Both separates and integrateds.
What do you think ?
To use a football analogy, the original question is like asking:

Is Jonathan Taylor a poor man’s Zeke Elliott?

Less expensive? Undoubtedly.
Better? Many think so.

But unlike football, audio is all subjective so nobody really wrong.
Yeah, nobody is wrong, even some piece of junk can sound great to someone. Fine with me. 
Anyway, a few days ago I almost bought used Gryphon Diablo 120. The price was right but I still decided that it was a little too much for me, and also thought that I would wait, that maybe Diablo 300 with phono would be better even if I would have to wait longer.
D'Agostino will always be out of reach, well, maybe in ten years I'll get Momentum used.
Actually, from years of reading here, there has been only a few people who seem to not like the Pass and higher end Parasound amp sound.  I tend to take their opinions on these two amps with a grain of salt.
I read that too, and I am kind of suspicious. There are always certain things, including audio equipment, that many people do like and for good reasons. But this also often means that those things are nothing really special, just solid good value stuff. Like Toyota cars. Toyota Landcruiser used to be special, though. I prefer gear that has character. 
a d’agostino is a poor man’s gryphon???

or a rich man's gryphon???

forget which way it goes 😂