Is listening daily at an average of 85db safe?

For a few hours a day I listen at an average of 85dbc. (Yes that's dbc, c weighted, not a weighted) A weighted average is about 78. All information on hearing loss I can find online is always measured in Dba, not dbc. Does this mean I can actually listen louder without the risk of damage or no? Are bass sounds less damaging? Is it safe for me to be listening daily at these levels?
"Are bass sounds less damaging?" Here ya go!

Given how the inner ear works, noise induced hearing loss generally occurs at the frequency of the noise. As the sound waves travel through the cochlea they undergo frequency dispersion. This means that a low frequency sound (bass) only "travels" the whole length of the cochlea all the way to the apex while high frequency sounds are transmitted only to the base. This means that low frequency sounds are slightly more "dangerous" to the inner ear than high frequency sounds.
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"I already have slight tinnitus from many loud concerts without earplugs. (finally wised up and got some though)"

And you're asking a VERY important medical question online? Ooookaay.....  
OK, I am a Family Physician. I do advanced audiology in my office.
The correct answer is, I don't know on an individual basis.
For people with healthy ears and normal hearing the answer is yes as long as you warm up your ears. The Stapedius muscle contracts with volume dampening the Stapes,right%20tympanic%20cavity%2C%20lateral%20view.&text=The%20stapedius%20is%20the%20smallest,in%20the%
This decreases the amount of energy entering the inner ear where your microphone (Organ of Corti) is. This reflex is rather slow. Start at 75 dB and work your way up 5 db every 5 minutes. I would say most of my listening is at 85 dB but I will take it up to 95 dB on occasion. My hearing remains normal for my age and I have been blasting away since the age of 13. There are people with fragile ears that will not be able to do this. If one of your parents needed hearing aids without a distinct reason ( gun blasts, loud machines) then you best be careful. I would get an audiogram yearly. As soon as you see the high frequencies rolling off you had better back off.

You can get sound level meters for cheep money. If you like to listen at louder volumes get one so at least you know what you are doing. This also helps in discussions like these. Those of us that have meters know what 85 dB means.